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This Page Last Updated on: March 3,2001
The Latest News

Stefan is getting ready for his 5th birthday coming up soon. He really is looking forward to the big day. Cake is expected. He is going to have a little party for his friends at the Recreation center on Wednesday. On Friday, he will be on his way to Boise to be suprised by G&G Klip and G&G Norton.

Stefan hopes everyone enjoyed the story he sent. He continues to work on his reading although right now he is heavy into the coloring arts. Stefan also continues to practice his computer skills. He is now mastering the internet with Disney his current favorite destination.

Stefan went to the dentist two weeks ago to have some work done. He had two very small cavities he had to have filled. He also had to have a cap put on one tooth. It was a tooth a previous dentist had tried to fill but the filling had fallen out and the decay was to far down to fill so they put the cap on. He also has been fighting a small cold but nothing that is keeping him down.

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