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You have found your way to the Laundry Room. We created this room not to hang out our dirty laundry but, instead, to stand up on the old soap box. In this room, you will find all things political including our personal opinions about happenings in the world today and occasionally of yesteryear. Feel free to browse around and enter your opinions.
The Two Party System

The two party system in the United States is an archaic dinosaur that is destroying the effectiveness of the Federal government and destroying the confidence of the people in the political process of the democratic system. Our founding fathers had a strong disdain for parties. Thomas Jefferson once stated, If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go at all." But even Jefferson gave in to the inevitable evolution of political parties in a democratic society.

Democracy still works at the local level. I have lived in several small towns (populations less than 25,000) and I currently live in one with 3,500 people. I am currently serving the last year of my first four year term on the City Council. This is the level where democracy works to its full potential without the corruptive influences of political parties. No one runs for office with a "party tag." In fact, I couldn't tell you the political affiliation of my fellow councilmembers. That is the beauty of government at this level. Our decisions are truly based on citizen input and our own personal beliefs of what is best for the community.

Parties are necessary, however, to push people's ideas on a state and national level. Unfortunately, the processes of today's political parties does not allow the people's ideas to be heard. Parties have lost their effectiveness as part of the democratic process because they have become just giant cash machines. Their main function nowadays is not to push ideas for the people but, instead, to generate large amounts of cash to fund their party candidates. The party candidates get elected which allows them to generate more cash from the large businesses which are seeking influence in the legislative circles. That money then goes to help that party's candidate to get reelected in the next election and so the cycle goes. Notice that no where in this process are the idea's and problems of the general populous addressed.

You may feel that I don't believe in the democratic system, nothing could be further from the truth. I don't believe in the two party system. The Republican and Democratic parties have gotten so large and full of themselves that they no longer listen to the American people. They simply use the people to get elected and then they go the "party" and "money" ways. The only way we can restore our country and government back to the ideal that our founding fathers envisioned is to take it back from the Republicans and the Democrats for ourselves -- the People. How?, you ask. By beating the Republicans and Democrats at their own game -- with a third party that is for, and by, the everyday people of the United States.

Third parties in the United States in recent years have been generally limited to what most people consider extremist positions. Some survived only briefly because they existed solely to support one issue. There has been a history of prominent third parties in the United States however. In fact, the Republican party started out as a third party in the mid 1850's. The most successful third party in recent times was the Progressive or "Bull Moose" party of the 1910's and 20's. The Reform Party, started in 1991 by Ross Perot, is a third party that had the potential to challenge the Republicans and Democrats and the two party system until Pat Buchanon's well oiled machine moved in and usurped the party. Now the people can vote for the Democrat, Republican or the other Republican candidate. Reformers please take back your party!!!

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