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Poems - Page 2
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Poems - Page 2
Looking Upon Her Beauty

I look upon a mountain scene
One of beauty,
Sculptured through the years of youth.
She still retains that youthful look
But now the contours show maturity
And strength etched into the hills.

As I look upon this mountain scene
One of mystery,
Seen settled in twin lakes.
Eyes, that are clear and pure.
Yet a misty fog rises from the cool waters
Creating a cloud of intrigue.

As I look upon this mountain scene
One of warmth,
Kissed often by her shining sun.
The sun breaks through her clouded face
Smiling on the beautiful hills
And warming all that surrounds her.

As I look upon this mountain scene
I get lost,
It's so tranquil and serene.
This majestic face radiates such warmth and life.
But am I allowed to loose myself
In this heaven which is not mine?


A Cloudy Sunset

Low in the horizon sits the sun
Another day coming to a close.
Kids on the beach are having fun.
A man hands his girl a yellow rose.
As the light deflects through the fence links,
Alone, I reflect as the sun sinks.
I think about the path its gone
From when it rose in the early morn',
Going across it's path all alone
As a new life was being born.

The sun is now almost set
And just a sliver remains of it.
The city lights begin to come on
As it departs to return at dawn.
Will we see that brightly shining light
Once again rising out of the night.
Could they all forget the dove
And unthinkingly make that fatal move?
Will someone become upset
And make this the last sunset?



What time is it?
Is it time to go?
My light was burning bright.
Has it lost its glow?

But I'm not ready,
Do I have to go?
I just want to stay.
So much left to do.

The man above
I didn't make a bet
And the girl I love
I haven't seen yet.
But yet you still call,
Why is this so?
Am I so small
That I can't say no?

It must be a nightmare,
A horrorish dream.
It just isn't fair!
Why can't I...



True Love

How beautiful you were I didn't know
Until after the morning of the first snow.
When we awoke, the sun was shining bright
You looked like heaven in the gleaming light.
The snowbirds sang like a symphony
As we walked out hand and hand.
My love for you grew that day,
I never knew I could feel this way.
And now as I look back on years gone by
There was never once that I thought, why?
Why did I have this feeling inside?
What was it that drove me to your side?
Love is strange that way
And I guess that is why you should never say,
"Should I feel this way?"
For true love will always stay.


A Chance Meeting After Life

Why is it we are alone?
Why is it there is no one of our own?
Do we deserve this fate of
Lying alone in an unearthly state.

Why aren't there flowers up there?
Covering the ground so bare.
A vistor is so rare
Is it because no one cares?

Where were you when my lonely heart
Cried for someone to be a part?
When I was looking for a friend
But instead I found my end.

We would have had a future,
Someone to be with, with time to spend.
Together till the last hour
When one of us had met our end.

Then someone would be there
Standing on the ground so bare.
Someone putting flowers there,
Standing... Crying... Showing how much they care.


The Killer

There are diseases we know
Which we create on our own.
One through drugs, like white snow.
Alcoholism is another
That we have known.
But the worst disease, we all
Ignore. No one knows who
Has it, no one understands
The hidden signs.
No one hears the muffled cries.
People kill to stop the pain and
Other people wonder why.
The scientist doesn't understand
And another thousand will die by its hand.
It has a cure, this disease
But it is difficult to see.
What is this killer of so many?



The Other Team

The game is over, the last second gone.
One team has won, the other has not.
Both fought hard and gave it their all,
But only the winners receive
The applause that now falls.
Happy and proud, the victors now
Celebrate with those close at hand.
How can anyone be sad?

But nearby, the losers now sit.
Dejected heads that fall lower still,
As they are forgotten among the thrills.
They have become the "other team,"
The one that did not win.
So while you stand and cheer
For the winners, giving them your
Applause and apppreciation,
Think of the losers.
The one's who tried so hard --
And give them your heart.


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