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Welcome to Stefan's Room!

bugsHi! My name is Stefan.
Hi! My name is Stefan and this is my room. Go ahead and look around. If you see things you want to play or do--Go ahead!
mouse pkpanther
Just click on the game you want to play. The game will open in a new window. Games with this symbol are toddler friendly. We hope to have more toddler games soon.
Most of these games use Java, so you will need to be using a browser that can handle Java like Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Breakout -- The classic arcade style pong game.

Checkers -- Can you beat the computer?

Hangman -- Guess the letters before you get hung.

Jigsaw Puzzle -- Put the Mountains back together.

Pacman -- Eat the dots before the monsters get you!

Name that Picture -- Can you spell what the picture is?

Tic Tac Toe -- Can you beat the computer?

UFO Attack -- Shoot the UFO's before they land.

Wermz -- Can you eat the numbers before you crash?

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